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iPhone 6 The iPhone’s cam­era is the most popular in the world, if you go on so­cial me­dia up­loads, and has come a long way from the fairly fee­ble of­fer­ing on Ap­ple’s first few hand­sets. Its suc­cess is largely a func­tion of the simplicity with which it op­er­ates.

The eight-meg sen­sor and f/2.2-aper­ture lens are much the same as on the iPhone 5S, but Fo­cus Pix­els (see left) lend more rapid fo­cus for stills and video alike. It’s not per­fect, as you’ll still need to tap the screen to en­cour­age a fo­cus on close-up ob­jects, but it’s gen­er­ally slick. Another handy up­grade is Auto HDR, which analy­ses scenes to de­cide if they’ll ben­e­fit from mul­ti­ple ex­po­sures.

The other big change is to the slow-mo op­tion, which can now record at 240 frames per sec­ond, en­abling you to cap­ture re­ally smooth video of peo­ple run­ning, cats play­ing and things fall­ing off things. We know what you like to shoot.

The new f/2.2 aper­ture and HDR shoot­ing on the 1.2-meg front cam means that’s pretty good too.

Galaxy Al­pha As good as the iPhone’s cam­era is, there are more megapix­els be­hind the Al­pha’s op­tics, and it’s ar­guably more adept over­all.

The 12-meg sen­sor yields ex­cel­lent pics, with a real-time HDR op­tion, and while you’ve got more set­tings to play with to help you get a bet­ter shot, you can just use it as a point-and-shoot and still get pretty strong re­sults. The range of post-shot tweaks is re­ally strong too.

The iPhone 6’s Auto HDR mode is a nice touch, but Sam­sung bats that back with Real Time HDR, let­ting you see what the snap will look like, rather than hav­ing to guess at the im­prove­ments.

The 4K video shoot­ing avail­able on the Al­pha is largely wasted on its 720p screen, but if you have a means of play­ing it back at full res­o­lu­tion, it might sway you in this phone’s di­rec­tion. Fi­nally, though, the ex­pe­ri­ence of view­ing video and stills is largely sim­i­lar on both phones, but with the Al­pha’s Su­per AMOLED dis­play ev­ery­thing pops and fizzes just that lit­tle bit more.

Well it’s more of a draw re­ally, as in day-to-day shoot­ing there’s so lit­tle to choose be­tween the two cam­eras. But if you put a gun to our heads and made us choose, we’d go for Sam­sung’s snap­per. Known among cam­era buffs as ‘phase de­tec­tion’, Ap­ple has, typ­i­cally, re­branded its cam’s killer fea­ture as Fo­cus Pix­els. It en­ables faster aut­o­fo­cus by work­ing out how far away ob­jects are rather than just work­ing out the dif­fer­ence in light and dark. On video, it re­duces the need to con­stantly jab at the screen when you or your sub­jects move.

The ver­dict

Galaxy Al­pha

Fast fo­cus

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