Galaxy Al­pha: KitKat 4.4

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You’ve seen it plas­tered over the place: the hip, new phrase that’s your in­stant por­tal into Google’s world of search.

On the Al­pha, even if your phone is just idly dis­play­ing the home screen you can say,“Okay, Google” and do any­thing from start­ing a timer to look­ing up a con­tact to Googling your own name. It’s a sim­ple way of con­trol­ling your phone and un­nerv­ingly ac­cu­rate.


Ap­ple’s got iMes­sage, ev­ery­one else has What­sapp, but why not try Google’s own mes­sag­ing ser­vice?

Choose it over Sam­sung’s own chat app as your de­fault SMS in­box and you’ll be able to seam­lessly jump be­tween text mes­sages and Google Chat mis­sives, which have the ben­e­fit of be­ing free and al­low­ing you to send files and pic­tures. You can also start a video call from the same source.


An­droid 4.4 brought a nifty new fea­ture: plac­ing the cover art for what­ever al­bum or movie you’re hear­ing/see­ing on the lock screen.

On the Galaxy Al­pha this looks great, and even if you’re play­ing mu­sic from Spo­tify you can see what you’re lis­ten­ing to with a glo­ri­ously overblown dis­play – and scroll through/skip tracks too. The trick also works if you’re play­ing from phone to Chromecast.


Project But­ter was a UI spruce-up that came as part of An­droid Jelly­bean, de­signed to make slid­ing your digit across any phone run­ning the OS a plea­sur­able ex­pe­ri­ence.

With KitKat and the Galaxy Al­pha, things are even smoother, with ev­ery flicker and flut­ter of your dig­its ren­dered ac­cu­rately through all your apps. After all, there’s noth­ing worse than a missed press, es­pe­cially when gaming…

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