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Give your old, grubby, over­heat­ing hack

a new lease of life

1/ Get rid of grime Use Chux Magic Eraser ($5.55 from Woolies), a can of com­pressed air, for key­board dust and crumbs, and a soft cloth and white wine

vine­gar for your screen.

2/ Add RAM Adding RAM im­proves mul­ti­task­ing and gen­eral soft­ware speed. Cru­ helps you

find the right RAM for your lap­top.

3/ Re­place hard drive Re­plac­ing the hard drive is usu­ally easy, and it’ll speed up your load and boot times. Buy a 2.5” hard drive, which is the slim, lap­top-sized drive. To tur­bocharge things, up­grade to a SSD.

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