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When The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt comes out in May, the fifth Game Of Thrones sea­son will be half done. So the GOT faith­ful have five or six episodes to en­joy be­fore a long wait till the next series. But The Witcher 3 could help scratch that itch.

The Witcher series of games has al­ways been pure adult fan­tasy fare. Based on the nov­els of Pol­ish sword and sorcery au­thor An­drzej Sap­kowski, the games fol­low the for­tunes of one Ger­alt of Rivia, a yel­low-eyed, white-haired mu­tant who is hated and feared by most of the folk he comes across, yet also hap­pens to be a dab hand at hunt­ing down and killing mon­sters. His abil­ity to dual-wield edged weapons as well as magic not only makes him a fear­some op­po­nent for any su­per­nat­u­ral

If Ger­alt of Rivia is to fill the void left by Jon Snow’s ab­sence he will need to be a bit more sulky

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