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The world’s best smart ther­mo­stat is now so much more. It works with prod­ucts made by Philips, LG, Au­gust and UniKey, among oth­ers, to be­come the brains of the smart home.

It’s also pos­si­bly the first truly suc­cess­ful and prac­ti­cal so­lu­tion to the oft-promised but still strangely elu­sive ‘con­nected home’. The smart cen­tral heat­ing sys­tem is a start, but throw in smart smoke de­tec­tors and alarms, wash­ing ma­chines, cars that can ‘call ahead’ to ac­ti­vate Nest, and even that old stand-by the self-clos­ing cur­tain, and you’re well on the way to what To­mor­row’s World was al­ways dreaming about in the 1980s.As time goes on, Nest will only be­come more ubiq­ui­tous, be­ing planned and built into new hous­ing de­vel­op­ments from the ground up (quite lit­er­ally). Sadly, avail­abil­ity is cur­rently re­stricted to North Amer­ica and Europe. US$249, NEST.COM, OUT NOW

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