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2015 could be the year LG comes of age. Its G Flex 2 smart­phone will take bendy phones be­yond nov­elty. Mean­while, its flag­ship LG G4 will push mo­bile screen res­o­lu­tions to their cur­rent lim­its, and new TVs boast 8K and 4K quan­tum dot res­o­lu­tions. But its most im­por­tant moves are be­hind the scenes: it’s de­vel­oped its own mo­bile pro­ces­sor, po­ten­tially for use in its G4 phone, and it’s pro­vid­ing screens for Ap­ple Watches. LG.COM. PIC­TURED: G FLEX 2, $839, OUT NOW; G WATCH R, $359, OUT NOW; G PAD 10.1, $399, OUT NOW.

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