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Thanks to de­signer Philippe Starck, Par­rot has whipped up an at­trac­tive set of head­phones.

A touch-sen­si­tive panel takes up the en­tire sur­face area of the right earcup’s outer shell. A small of­fer­ing of phys­i­cal fea­tures are found around its perime­ter: a mi­cro-USB port, a 3.5mm in­put for wired lis­ten­ing and a power but­ton. A sensor on the right earcup’s pad­ding de­tects whether the Zik 2.0 are on your head, paus­ing the mu­sic when they’re re­moved and re­sum­ing again once they’re back on. Each cup is sprin­kled with strik­ing, me­tal-rimmed ac­cents that house ex­ter­nal mi­cro­phones to boost the ef­fec­tive­ness of the ac­tive noise can­cel­la­tion.

The head­phones don’t work with­out an app. This is a bold move by Par­rot but it works very well, and means the lis­tener gets a nice mix of hard­ware and fre­quently up­dated soft­ware to back it. The free-to-down­load Par­rot Zik 2.0 app, avail­able on An­droid and iOS, opens a trea­sure chest of fea­tures, the key ones be­ing a bat­terylife in­di­ca­tor, noise-can­cel­la­tion ad­just­ment and a va­ri­ety of pre-set equaliser set­tings.

WEIGHT BAT­TERY LIFE LOVE Starck’s de­sign is tremen­dous. Per­for­mance is fan­tas­tic. The app is easy to set up on An­droid and iOS HATE You need a smart­phone, tablet or lap­top T3 SAYS If you fancy a stylish set of cans that side­step con­ven­tional plug-and-play, get these

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