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G-Shock’s lat­est Blue­toothen­abled watch has fewer fea­tures than the out­go­ing G-Shock GBA-6900, but the new G’Mix mu­sic app po­ten­tially makes bet­ter use of that Blue­tooth con­nec­tion. Now you can con­trol your mu­sic with­out tak­ing your phone from your pocket.







The G-Shock+ and G’Mix apps enable you to re­motely con­trol mu­sic, and, with Sound­Hound built into the G’Mix app, you can iden­tify tunes Shazam-style. You can even use that ro­tary dial to ad­just the vol­ume within any app. In ad­di­tion to us­ing your watch to con­trol your phone, the re­verse is pos­si­ble. So within the app you can set the alarm or change your watch set­tings.

The GBA-400 is al­most in­de­struc­tible, thanks to the thick layer of plas­tic resin and min­eral glass. It’s also wa­ter re­sis­tant to 200 me­ters, and im­per­vi­ous to dust and sand. You have a world clock, LED light and cal­en­dar on your wrist, and there’s a dig­i­tal dis­play, too. G-Shock lists the bat­tery life as two years, as­sum­ing you’re only pair­ing with your phone for two hours a day. But it’s a pity Ca­sio didn’t eek that out a bit more, as swap­ping the bat­tery is fid­dly.

While the looks of a G-Shock will al­ways di­vide, mu­sic fans will love the abil­ity to con­trol their col­lec­tion, and won’t have to worry about dam­ag­ing their in­vest­ment ei­ther. LOVE Tough build qual­ity. Abil­ity to con­trol your mu­sic. You can set your watch from your phone HATE It won’t stay paired all day. You can’t recharge the bat­tery T3 SAYS Ca­sio keeps things sim­ple and sat­is­fy­ing with re­mote con­trol over the tunes on your phone

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