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VR is all well and good, but there’s a flaw in this bur­geon­ing form of en­ter­tain­ment: free­dom. What good is ex­plor­ing a brave new world if you’re teth­ered to your PC like some vic­tim of the Ma­trix? The threat of be­ing stran­gled by the ca­bles dan­gling from the back of your head does take chunks out of the im­mer­sion. HP’s nascent Omen line of­fers step one of the solution to VR’s big prob­lem, in the form of a proper gam­ing PC in a back­pack form fac­tor. At­tach the head­set of your choice – there’s no Vive or Rift squab­bles here – and you’re set for an hour or so of tan­gle-free ex­plo­ration. When the clev­erly waist-mounted bat­ter­ies give up the ghost, you’ll be able to hot-swap them for charged ones while the ma­chine is run­ning, thanks to a small in­ter­nal cell. It’s all very early, with demo units only just go­ing into test­ing, but ex­pect the equiv­a­lent specs and weight of one of to­day’s VR-ready lap­tops, and a price to match – think a mo­bile Core i7 pro­ces­sor, a high-end graph­ics card, around 16GB of RAM – and about $4,000 off your bank balance. Oh, and don’t imag­ine to­tal free­dom just yet: you’ll still be bound by the tracking ca­pa­bil­i­ties of your head­set. Price $TBC Avail­able TBC URL

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