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One of the launch ti­tles,

1-2-Switch is an in­ven­tive head-to-head multiplayer game that makes use of the twin Joy-Cons which come with ev­ery Switch. It may seem a bit goofy in name and con­cept, but 1-2-Switch could end up be­ing the Switch’s analogue of the wildly pop­u­lar Wii Sports. In­stead of look­ing at a screen, play­ers gaze deeply - al­most long­ingly - into each other’s eyes, us­ing the Joy-Con to com­pete in a se­ries of sim­ple-yet-hec­tic minigames. You might play a vol­ley of in­vis­i­ble ping-pong, mimic the other per­son’s move­ments, or have a Wild West-style shootout show­down – all made pos­si­ble by the Joy-Con’s in­creased ca­pac­ity for bet­ter gy­ro­scopic mo­tion-sens­ing and rum­ble feed­back.

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