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$149.95, turtle­beach.com

Tur­tle Beach is the go-to choice for many a gamer. The PX24s may be cheaper-look­ing and smaller than the rest, but the au­dio doesn’t suf­fer and the sur­round sound is top notch. Cup pad­ding isn’t leather, so the in­ter­weave fin­ish can be slightly itchy com­pared to leatherette. The PX24 has a non-de­tach­able mic arm, but it’s highly ad­justable. Sound-wise, ex­plo­sions, gun­fire and high-end ef­fects all hold up thanks to the Ear Force Su­per­amp, an ex­ter­nal unit that con­nects in-be­tween head­set and con­troller. It’s un­gainly, but means this head­set punches above its weight.

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