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Our pre­mium track­ers’ ac­com­pa­ny­ing apps vary sur­pris­ingly in qual­ity and us­abil­ity

The Fit­bit app is re­ally user­friendly – a handy tu­to­rial talks you through set-up – and stuffed with in­ter­est­ing func­tions. To keep you mo­ti­vated, it of­fers chal­lenges and com­par­isons with friends and other peo­ple in your age group, and there are a num­ber of so­cial fea­tures.

Mean­while, Garmin Con­nect is in­dis­putably packed full of data, but it be­wil­ders with num­bers and screens. Once you’re used to it, it’s an ex­cel­lent re­source, but it’s not very be­gin­ner-friendly.

In third place, the Sam­sung S Health app is sur­pris­ingly bare-bones – but then the tracker it­self takes on much of the work. You will need the app if you want to prop­erly track your stats.

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