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One of the S8’s most ex­cit­ing fea­tures is its new, more se­cure lo­gin fa­cil­i­ties. With an iris scan­ner on the front, you sim­ply look at the S8 and it will un­lock and send you straight to the home screen. It will also en­able you to log into se­cure ser­vices, such as your favourite bank­ing fa­cil­ity, so even though you get a fin­ger­print reader on the back, there prob­a­bly won’t be much rea­son to use it. Sam­sung has also bun­dled fa­cial recog­ni­tion tech­nol­ogy, mean­ing you can log into your phone quicker than you would be able to with the iris scan­ner. While it’s the less se­cure op­tion, it’s far more con­ve­nient.

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