Re­lent­lessly in­ven­tive and in­trigu­ing, it shakes ad­ven­ture games up­side down.

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in – but at some point you’ll get around to tak­ing on the main quest. Calamity Ganon has been sealed away in Hyrule Cas­tle for 100 years, but his power is grow­ing; he’s taken con­trol of the four Divine Beasts, hulk­ing me­chan­i­cal con­structs that, cor­rupted, are caus­ing merry hell in the re­gions they once pro­tected. One has caused in­ces­sant rain to fall, and a lo­cal dam is about to over­flow; down in the south­west­ern desert, cit­i­zens live un­der con­stant sand­storms. At the urg­ing of the four tribal el­ders, Link must free the Divine Beasts of their cor­rup­tion, re­turn­ing them to their right­ful own­ers so they can as­sist him in the fi­nal as­sault on Calamity Ganon.

By the time you’ve com­pleted four shrines in the Great Plateau start­ing area and used your re­ward, the paraglider, to float on the breeze to the world be­low, you’ll al­ready have every power you need to go any­where and do any­thing. That’s real free­dom, and ev­ery­thing else you learn is part of the ro­bust physics sys­tem. There are tricks hid­den ev­ery­where.

The com­bat’s (mostly) glo­ri­ous and re­quires a level of in­ven­tive­ness and ob­ser­va­tion that re­wards ten­fold. A fan­tas­tic de­but for a new con­sole, BreathoftheWild is one of the best games of 2017. A must get.

TOP LEFT A huge, colos­sal world that has been given room to breathe, de­spite the vol­ume of things to do.

ABOVE Princess Zelda tells you that you’ve been asleep for 100 years – that’s a lot of Net­flix to binge.

TOP RIGHT Man­age your in­ven­tory well, all weapons break with use.

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