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Pins and pass­words are so last year. Use your body to un­lock these smart­phones

The fin­ger is mightier than the sword… or some­thing like that. You can’t un­lock these phones with a sword, but you can with your fin­ger.

All three boast a finger­print scan­ner, but only the Huawei P10 has it lo­cated on the front - more con­ve­nient, as it can be used when the phone is ly­ing on a sur­face.

The scan­ners on the LG G6 and Gal­axy S8 are on the rear, with the S8’s be­ing prob­lem­atic to lo­cate due to its close prox­im­ity to the cam­era lens. It does have an ace up its sleeve though, with fa­cial recog­ni­tion fea­tures and an iris scan­ner to take bio­met­rics to the next level.

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