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It’s not al­ways a num­bers game with cam­eras, as more doesn’t al­ways mean bet­ter

Megapix­els are im­por­tant, but it’s each pixel’s in­di­vid­ual size – and thus the num­ber of pho­tons they tend to col­lect – rather than the num­ber of them crammed into your phone’s cam­era that makes the dif­fer­ence.

In terms of num­bers , the Huawei P10 leads the way with a 20MP and 12MP combo on the rear, while the LG G6 gives you two 13MP snap­pers on the back. The Gal­axy S8 keeps its rear cam­era low with a mod­est 12MP of­fer­ing, but it has the largest pixel size at 1.4μm, al­low­ing it to suck in more light which helps when shoot­ing in darker sit­u­a­tions.

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