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What’s the point in hav­ing an in­tri­cate watch move­ment if you can’t see it? That’s why this Hublot stun­ner is com­pletely trans­par­ent – every­thing from the case, to the dial, strap and Tourbillon move­ment has been given a clear makeover. It rep­re­sents a break­through in the use of sap­phire in watch­mak­ing, and we think it looks in­cred­i­ble. The crys­tal me­chan­ics ap­pear to float, while the dial and its num­bers, in­dex and power re­serve in­di­ca­tor are all opales­cent to add sub­tle con­trast. We also like the look of the new Hublot Big Bang MP-11, made in 3D car­bon. The watch is re­in­forced with three-di­men­sional fi­bre wo­ven resin and shaped into a case in­spired by a race en­gine. $TBC,

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