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The night sky may look pretty much the same as it did 50 years ago (give or take the odd cepheid vari­able), but the tech that en­ables us to ex­am­ine it has ex­panded. Avail­able for pre-or­der now, the Hiuni Smart Tele­scope is a true gamechanger, of­fer­ing all the fun of a tra­di­tional tele­scope and adding a layer of con­nected smarts for en­hanced view­ing. Not only can you con­trol this portable tele­scope from your tablet or smart­phone, you also have the op­tion to share its live views with as­tronomers all over the world, fa­cil­i­tat­ing de­bates about the ex­is­tence of alien life forms. Our favourite fea­ture is Sky Map, which en­ables you to lo­cate a ce­les­tial land­mark from an in­ter­ac­tive di­a­gram, then kick back as the tele­scope, which boasts a Cassegrain-style de­sign with an al­ti­tude-az­imuth mount, finds it in real time and presents im­ages of it on your phone or tablet. Those pho­tos can then be saved and shared via email or so­cial me­dia. The app also fea­tures ed­u­ca­tional ac­tiv­i­ties such as tours of the night sky, so you can fi­nally learn your Po­laris from your Ca­nis Ma­jor. US$ 1,190 ($1,603), hi­u­nis­cope.com

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