Sennheiser HD820

Australian T3 - - 2018’S GADGET WISHLIST -

Sennheiser’s HD800 open-backed head­phones have been the bench­mark for au­dio per­for­mance for nearly nine years, but be­ing open means sound leaks out and in. And so we now have the HD820, which are still de­signed around giv­ing you the most trans­par­ent au­dio re­pro­duc­tion pos­si­ble. Part of this is the glass ex­te­rior, which is lit­er­ally trans­par­ent, so you can see the top-end driver tech, but is also de­signed to ab­sorb stray sound waves to keep what you hear to­tally pure, and clear of any in­ter­fer­ence. $3,499,

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