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Small-to-medium car and truck eet own­ers fear for pro­duc­tiv­ity and re­turns

FUEL COSTS might be at his­toric lows but the own­ers of Aus­tralian small-to-medium car and truck fleets keep a steely eye on them and are alarmed at how bad prac­tices di­min­ish their fleets’ pro­duc­tiv­ity, a Fleet­mat­ics sur­vey shows.

Con­ducted by noted anal­y­sis com­pany ACA Re­search and just re­leased, the Busi­ness Fleet Om­nibus re­port fi nds fl eet ve­hi­cle and fuel card mis­use costs cause angst in 80 per cent of fl eet- own­ing fi rms in­volved in the dis­tri­bu­tion, con­struc­tion, re­tail and hos­pi­tal­ity in­dus­tries, amongst oth­ers.

Fleet­mat­ics says it com­mis­sioned ACA Re­search to sur­vey Aus­tralian fleet busi­nesses on the key chal­lenges they face in man­ag­ing fl eets of 5- 50 ve­hi­cles, and how these are be­ing tack­led.

Fuel and labour costs are the largest ex­penses for 69 per cent of busi­nesses across the trans­port, con­struc­tion and ser­vices and dis­tri­bu­tion in­dus­tries, with per­sonal use of com­pany ve­hi­cles in­creas­ing fuel costs for 73 per cent of busi­ness.

“Fuel costs get out of hand very quickly if not mon­i­tored ef­fec­tively,” Fleet­mat­ics product man­age­ment di­rec­tor Todd Ewing says.

Of the 10 sur­vey points raised on fleet man­age­ment at­ti­tudes to fuel use and em­ployee over­sight, 60-75 per cent agreed that they had is­sues.

The fi nd­ings also re­veal that al­though adopters of mo­bile work­force soft ware still ex­pe­ri­ence chal­lenges, these are di­min­ish­ing sig­nif­i­cantly, Fleet­mat­ics says.

For busi­nesses cur­rently us­ing the soft ware, less than half of them ex­pe­ri­ence the chal­lenge of staff idling ve­hi­cles un­nec­es­sar­ily.

How­ever, 60 per cent of those who haven’t adopted the tech­nol­ogy face the chal­lenge of ex­ces­sive idling, which wastes fuel.

Driv­ers prac­tic­ing poor habits, such as speed­ing, un­nec­es­sary idling and harsh brak­ing, are also burn­ing fuel un­nec­es­sar­ily.

This is an is­sue for 65 per cent of busi­nesses who haven’t in­vested in mo­bile work­force soft ware so­lu­tions.

The sec­tor also fea­tures highly amongst those that re­ject the tech­nol­ogy due to bad ex­pe­ri­ences.

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