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1 What starchy white grains from cas­sava are used in pud­dings? (7) 4 Salatit Krumb is a cab­bage salad from where? (5) 7 Ac­cord­ing to some, too much choco­late can cause what? (4) 8 What aro­matic seeds of a plant of the ginger fam­ily are used as a spice and medic­i­nally? (8) 10/12 What tra­di­tional English dish of stewed meat, onion, and potato is typ­i­cally cov­ered with a layer of sliced potato? (10,6) 13 What is to boil un­til thicker and more con­cen­trated? (6) 15 Drink served undi­luted and with ice cubes is de­scribed how? (2,3,5) 18 What sand-filled de­vice might be found in a kitchen? (3,5) 19 What is a bill of fare com­monly called? (4) 20 What is the stom­ach lin­ing of a cow pre­pared for cook­ing? (5) 21 What is a con­cen­trate ob­tained from a plant or food­stuff and used for flavour­ing? (7)


1 What is to catch fish us­ing a net drawn along at depth? (5) 2 What, from trees, are used in pesto? (4,4) 3 An acorn stew is a pop­u­lar dish among what peo­ple of Ari­zona? (6) 4 Pea­pod Bur­gundy and what other wine was made by Tom and Bar­bara in TV’s The Good Life? (10) 5 What are har­vested from the Ele­phant’s Foot plant in South Africa? (4) 6 What is an in­di­vid­ual serv­ing of creamy meat or fish, cooked in a drum-shaped mould? (7) 9 What thick creamy sauce is eaten with sal­ads? (10) 11 Slices of what minced, cooked and pressed meat are usu­ally eaten cold? (8) 12 Dur­ing which an­nual fes­ti­val might a church be dec­o­rated with fruit and veg­eta­bles? (7) 14 What food is Dan­ish blue? (6) 16 What is to fry quickly in a lit­tle hot fat? (5) 17 What cit­rus hy­brid (__ fruit) orig­i­nated in Ja­maica? (4)

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