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1. Ac­cord­ing to Forbes mag­a­zine, who was the high­est paid Aus­tralian ac­tor in the world in 2016?

2. Which Ja­panese word means “empty orches­tra”?

3. Which fa­mous duo first meet in the labs at Barts Hos­pi­tal?

4. What word is used to de­scribe a group of ants?

5. What is the chem­i­cal sym­bol for the el­e­ment Radon – Ra, Rd or Rn?

6. In the Bi­ble, which peo­ple worshipped an idol in the form of a golden calf?

7. What do eden­tu­lous mam­mals not have – teeth, hooves or tails?

8. Is Ar­gentina in the north­ern or south­ern half of South Amer­ica?

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