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NINE bowlers took to the green for Tro­phy Day on Septem­ber 6. Re­sults: Arthur Baker and Jos Whi­taker 34 vs Kay Coutts and Sue Mizen 6. Other scores in­cluded Deena O'Con­nell, Robyn Bowhay, Mark Wass 24 vs Gail Stokes, Ge­orge Thomas, Mark Wass 5.

The Ditch to Ditch was won by Arthur Baker and raf­fles by Sue Mizen and Deslei Wa­ters. GOLF

SATUR­DAY, Septem­ber 9, 18-hole stable­ford, R Hohn Tro­phy. Re­sults: S Gold­ing 39; R Lom­man 30; T Lead­bet­ter 30; W Rhea 39; K Yet Foy 38; K Dohle 28; A McMa­hon 36. Win­ner: S Gold­ing. Runner-up: W Rhea. Near­est the Pin 17: W Rhea.

Sun­day, Septem­ber 10. 27-hole Halpin Mo­tors Four­some Cham­pi­onships.

T Sid­dins and R Lom­man 123–13.5–109.5; K Brooks and R Spack­man 140–25.5–114.5; P Fran­cisco and S Gold­ing 120–15–105; P English and R Brim­ble­combe 135–21–114; I Todd and A Lyons 117–13.75–103.25; S Bowhay and K Yet Foy 123–23.25–99.75; B Wal­ters and T Lead­bet­ter 117–18.75–98.25; A and C Speed 116–13.5–102.5. Cham­pi­onships won by A and C Speed. Run­ners-up I Todd and A Lyons.

27-Hole Nett Tom Sid­dins Tro­phies Win­ners: B Wal­ters and T Lead­bet­ter. Run­ners-up: S Bowhay and K Yet Foy. Near­est the Pin 10: R Lom­man. Near­est the Pin 15: A Lyons. Near­est the Pin 17: S Bowhay.

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