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1. The South Esk River is the long­est in which state?

2. Which sci­en­tist gave us the word deci­bel?

3. Op­po­site sides of cu­bic dice al­ways add up to what?

4. Which genus name did 16th-cen­tury Englishman An­drew Bat­tell give to the orang-utan – Go­ril­lus, Bat­tel­lus or Pongo?

5. Which animal is the sym­bol of the World Wildlife Foun­da­tion?

6. If you are suf­fer­ing from hep­ati­tis, which part of your body is dis­eased?

7. Which Bea­tles song be­gins “Flew in from Mi­ami Beach BOAC. Didn’t get to bed last night.”?

8. For ev­ery seven white notes on a pi­ano, how many black notes are there?

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