Talk­ing bot cleans and mops floors


PUT your feet up Aus­tralia and wel­come the robot that not only vac­u­ums your floors but mops them as well.

Eco­v­acs Ro­bot­ics has un­veiled the Dee­bot Ozmo 930, which fea­tures wet and dry func­tion­al­ity, su­per-smart nav­i­ga­tion tech­nol­ogy and sup­port for Google Home.

The talk­ing bot not only scans your home’s floors and car­pets to map for dirt and dust but uses a wash­able cloth to mop the tiles.

We took it for a spin this week and, so far, its clean­ing ac­tion has been im­pres­sive.

My only com­plaint is I still have to get all the things off the floor in the teenager’s room be­fore send­ing Dee­bot on its way.

Out of the box, it’s easy enough to set up. You just at­tach the side brushes which clip on and then charge it for a few hours on the dock­ing sta­tion.

Eco­v­acs has an app for IOS and An­droid phones so you can op­er­ate it via the app to do spot clean­ing or other spe­cial as­sign­ments.

We had some trou­ble con­nect­ing the app with our home Wi-Fi so ended up just hit­ting the auto but­ton on the bot to send it on its way.

At one stage, it sucked in some Christ­mas tin­sel but let me know it had a prob­lem so I just turned it off and re­moved it – though it was well wrapped around the spin­ning side brushes.

The main brush is re­mov­able so, if you get some­thing stuck in there (like a fish­ing sinker I didn’t see on my son’s floor), it is easy enough to get out.

You can also swap the spin­ning brush out for a more di­rect suc­tion unit which should mean fewer prob­lems along those lines.

When it comes to mop­ping, there is an elec­tron­i­cally con­trolled 300ml wa­ter tank that moist­ens a wash­able cloth dur­ing the clean­ing.

In au­to­matic mode, it prob­a­bly doesn’t use enough wa­ter for re­ally dirty floors but also had the ad­van­tage of not leav­ing them sop­ping wet.

You can, how­ever, ad­just the amount of wa­ter be­ing dis­persed through the app.

The app also al­lows you to sched­ule a clean, set the clean­ing mode and mon­i­tor how your bot is do­ing from any­where in the world.

Eco­v­acs says its pro­pri­etary Smart Navi tech­nol­ogy al­lows its bots to map and plan an ef­fi­cient clean­ing path across an en­tire home dur­ing the set-up process.

The com­pany says whether the floor sur­face is par­quet, lam­i­nate or tiled, the Dee­bot Ozmo 930 recog­nises dif­fer­ent floor cov­er­ings and au­to­mat­i­cally ad­justs clean­ing modes to suit these.

Car­peted floors, for ex­am­ple, re­ceive a burst of ex­tra suc­tion power to help re­move even more dirt and dust.

It also avoids car­pets and rugs dur­ing the mop­ping process. Some of the other clever fea­tures in­clude anti-drop sen­sors to clean around stairs with­out the risk of fall­ing.

The way it moves and cleans around ob­sta­cles is im­pres­sive.

As it ap­proaches cor­ners and dif­fi­cult-to-clean areas, it does a se­ries of short moves and changes an­gle to get in to harder-to-reach places.

Eco­v­acs says it has been in­cred­i­bly suc­cess­ful in China with 65 per cent mar­ket share.

The Dee­bot Ozmo 930 will be avail­able in Har­vey Nor­man stores with a RRP of $1299.


EASY SET-UP: Eco­v­acs Ro­bot­ics’ Dee­bot Ozmo 930 vac­u­ums and mops your floors.

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