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Tues­day, sbs, 8.30pm

You could be for­given for won­der­ing if the In­sight pro­duc­ers had been watch­ing a lit­tle too much Jerry Springer when they came up with the idea for this week’s episode. It’s all about DNA sur­prises, with host Jenny Brockie (pic­tured) talk­ing to peo­ple who got more than they bar­gained for from a DNA test. Though if you ask us, the mere fact you took a DNA test in the first place prob­a­bly means you have your sus­pi­cions that all is not as it was sup­posed to be when it comes to your genes. While there prob­a­bly won’t be as much as hair­pulling and name-call­ing as you’d get from a tabloid TV talk show, it’s bound to be fas­ci­nat­ing in its own way.

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