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1. Which in­ter­na­tional treaty came into force on April 29, 1952?

2. What word can go af­ter “tar” and be­fore “gent”?

3. What is the name of the bell that hangs in the un­der­writ­ing room at Lloyd’s?

4. Who wrote the tele­vi­sion clas­sic The Singing De­tec­tive?

5. Which Mo­town group fea­tured Lionel Richie be­fore he went solo?

6. Which one of the six Cluedo weapons is not made of metal?

7. Who was the USA’s first Catholic pres­i­dent?

8. Archibald Leach, born in Bris­tol, Eng­land, be­came which Hol­ly­wood star: Cary Grant, James Ste­wart or Fred As­taire?

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