So­lar sys­tems add free light to homes

Sky­light sys­tem of­fers free light on cloudy days and at night

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SKY­LIGHTS are great and it is hard to imag­ine a more cost-ef­fec­tive light­ing so­lu­tion.

There are so many op­tions avail­able.

Con­ven­tional sky­lights have been avail­able for decades and they have been the best so­lu­tion to low-cost or no-cost light­ing in im­por­tant ar­eas of the home.

The con­ven­tional light­ing sys­tems are al­most fault­less – the process of cut­ting through a roof, and the wa­ter­proof mem­brane and in­su­la­tion gen­er­ally don’t cause leaks.

The heat emit­ted from con­ven­tional sky­lights is no­tice­able but most con­sider this a fair trade off to get the bright light ac­cessed by a sky­light.

The bugs that gather in most sky­light cov­ers are a lit­tle bit an­noy­ing but they are man­age­able with an­nual clean­ing, which may or may not be easy in high ceil­ing spa­ces.

BGS (Best Gut­ter So­lu­tions) has a sys­tem which not only gives free light dur­ing cloudy days but it stores power to give free, bright light­ing at night.

The sys­tem in­volves a small so­lar panel which feeds a bright LED light­ing ‘mat’.

There are no big holes in roofs, no wa­ter is­sues, no clean­ing of bugs and al­most no heat emit­ted to ar­eas be­ing lit.

BGS has de­vel­oped sen­sors which turn the light on at night when move­ment is de­tected and the sys­tem later turns the light off to save power when not needed.

There are five-hour bat­tery back-up sys­tems for night light­ing, and the so­lar panel charges the bat­tery.

The next ques­tions asked are: How much does the sys­tem cost? Will it suit my home? What hap­pens on cloudy days when there is hardly any sun?

Sys­tems start at $350 in­stalled; a sys­tem at this base level is what would nor­mally re­place the con­ven­tional sky­light sys­tem.

BGS has vari­ants for al­most ev­ery sit­u­a­tion, ev­ery­thing from large rooms to dark pantry or util­ity rooms.

Although scep­tics might think it un­likely, the sys­tems still work when it is cloudy out­side; even cloudy days gen­er­ate power for the sky­lights.

High-set homes usu­ally dis­count the idea of a sky­light but this sys­tem al­lows ex­ter­nal light­ing where it was not pre­vi­ously avail­able.

Prices vary, with bat­tery back-up sys­tems cost­ing more but they also give more.

BGS of­fers pen­sion con­ces­sions.

Call 0437 747 117 or

3283 7832 for more in­for­ma­tion.


BGS can fit sky­lights with a small so­lar panel to give free light dur­ing cloudy days and at night.

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