Ide­ol­ogy not power

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THE Palaszczuk Gov­ern­ment’s Re­new­able En­ergy Tar­get (RET) of 50% by 2030 is noth­ing short of scan­dalous.

We are al­ready at risk from a short­fall in base load power caused by the gov­ern­ment’s ide­o­log­i­cal ad­her­ence to re­new­able en­ergy de­spite ad­vice from the Aus­tralian En­ergy Mar­ket Reg­u­la­tor which em­pha­sises the need to fix this short­age by us­ing coal or gas gen­er­a­tors along with re­new­able ones.

As part of the Pow­er­ing Queens­land Plan, the Palaszczuk Gov­ern­ment says it will spend an ad­di­tional $770 mil­lion over the next three years sub­si­dis­ing power prices by re­mov­ing the costs of the So­lar Bonus Scheme from our elec­tric­ity bills.

Thanks for noth­ing. Tax­pay­ers will still have to pay for this, of course, prob­a­bly largely through the lat­est hike to the cost of our mo­tor ve­hi­cle reg­is­tra­tion, but why should we be pay­ing for the So­lar Bonus Scheme at all?

The So­lar Bonus Scheme is that ex­or­bi­tant and ill-con­ceived cre­ation by the gov­ern­ment of a 44 cent tar­iff to be paid to home own­ers who in­stall so­lar pan­els and feed power into the grid.

Un­til now the gov­ern­ment has dumped the cost of their scheme onto the power bills of home own­ers with­out so­lar pan­els. Where is the jus­tice and fair­ness in that?

The Pow­er­ing Queens­land Plan also in­cludes power pur­chase agree­ments with a so­lar farm and a wind farm – first steps on the gov­ern­ment’s path to its 50% RET.

As with the So­lar Bonus Scheme, re­new­able en­ergy pro­duc­ers are sub­sidised for lit­tle or no public ben­e­fit.

Why should we tax­pay­ers in a state like Queens­land – rich with re­serves of gas, coal and ura­nium – be forced into sub­si­dis­ing wind­mills and so­lar pan­els by a gov­ern­ment in­dulging in ide­ol­ogy at the ex­pense of pro­vid­ing its ci­ti­zens and busi­nesses with re­li­able power?

This is the very prac­tice which has forced up the cost of elec­tric­ity to un­af­ford­able lev­els.

— Tr­ish Badgery, Shorn­cliffe

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