Asian cured sal­mon with prawns, pick­led salad & dill lime crème fraîche

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This classy starter takes a few days of low-im­pact prep, but it’s well worth it for the flavour that you get from the sal­mon.

SERVES 4-6 PREP 40 mins plus soak­ing and cur­ing NO COOK


550g sal­mon fil­let, skin on

2 sticks lemon­grass, roughly chopped

125g caster or gran­u­lated sugar, plus 2 tsp and an­other 2 tbsp 150g coarse sea salt

2 limes, zested, 1 juiced

5 tbsp Ja­panese rice vine­gar, plus a dash

2 gar­lic cloves, 1 whole, 1 crushed 28g pack co­rian­der

20g pack dill

2 fresh red Thai chill­ies

140g baby turnips, skin on

1 small red onion, peeled

6 tbsp full-fat crème fraîche 12 large cooked peeled prawns

1 Check the fish for bones, and if needed, re­move with tweez­ers. To make the cure, put the lemon­grass, 125g sugar, the sea salt, lime juice and zest 1 lime, 1 tbsp vine­gar, whole gar­lic clove and half the co­rian­der and dill, in­clud­ing stems, in a food pro­ces­sor. Blitz un­til the lemon­grass is finely chopped, then stir in a quar­ter of the sliced chill­ies. 2 Cross two large pieces of cling film in a roast­ing tin and spoon on a third of the cure, then top with the fish. Cover with the rest of the cure. Wrap tightly and leave for 36-48 hrs, then scrape off the cure, rinse the fish in cold wa­ter, and pat dry. It will feel firm.

3 On the day of serv­ing, start the other el­e­ments of the recipe. Shave the turnips into very thin slices us­ing a man­do­line, and plunge into iced wa­ter with a dash of vine­gar. Leave for an hour, then drain well. Thinly slice the onion and mix with the turnip slices, 2 tbsp vine­gar,

2 tsp sugar and a pinch of salt. Cover and steep for at least 1 hr, or you can chill this for a few hrs.

4 Finely chop the re­main­ing dill leaves and stir most into the crème fraîche with the re­main­ing lime zest and a lit­tle sea­son­ing, then chill.

5 For the dress­ing, stir to­gether the re­main­ing 2 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp vine­gar, an­other quar­ter of the sliced chill­ies and crushed gar­lic and leave un­til the sugar dis­solves.

6 Slice the fish into ap­prox 20 slices, tak­ing the knife down to the skin, then eas­ing the blade un­der­neath each piece to re­move it.

7 When ready to serve, spoon and swoosh the dill crème fraîche down the mid­dle of each plate, then top with the sal­mon slices, over­lap­ping. Add 2-3 prawns per serv­ing. Lift the salad from its juices and mound to one side. Scat­ter with a lit­tle ex­tra dill and the rest of the sliced chill­ies, then driz­zle the dress­ing over the fish and prawns, or let your guests do that bit at the ta­ble.

GOOD TO KNOW omega-3 • gluten free

PER SERV­ING (6) 410 kcals • fat 30g • sat­u­rates 13g • carbs 13g • sug­ars 13g • fi­bre 1g • pro­tein 21g • salt 2.7g

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