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With the new Dyson Ci­netic Big Ball vac­uum, clean­ing floors and up­hol­stery has never been eas­ier so you know your home will al­ways look its best.

Vac­u­um­ing is an es­sen­tial part of main­tain­ing your home, so why not make it easy? With the new Dyson Ci­netic Big Ball, it’ll be a breeze. Lots of mess from last-night’s soiree? No prob­lem. Pet hair? Easy! And that’s be­cause Dyson Ci­netic sci­ence has been en­gi­neered to sup­port real life – this vac­uum can ma­noeu­vre around all your fur­ni­ture and will get straight back up if knocked over. It’s the only vac­uum with no main­te­nance and no loss of suc­tion, plus it has no fil­ters to wash or re­place and no bags to buy.

Dyson Ci­netic Big Ball vac­u­ums have been en­gi­neered to repli­cate and sup­port real life us­age, so you know your in­vest­ment will last.

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With such pow­er­ful suc­tion, the Dyson Ci­netic Big Ball An­i­mal Pro will col­lect pet hair like you’ve never seen be­fore. Plus, if it gets top­pled by an over-en­thu­si­as­tic pet, it’ll pick it­self straight back up.


The swivel hard floor tool makes pick up dust and de­bris on hard floor sur­faces and un­even ones like tiled floors easy. Soft ny­lon bris­tles gen­tly help to re­move dust while the ul­tra-slim pro­file reaches into awk­ward gaps.


So you can ma­noeu­vre around fur­ni­ture and get into all the tricky-to-clean places, Dyson has come up with an at­tach­ment that ex­tends, bends and twists to help re­move dust and al­ler­gens from awk­ward spa­ces.

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