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As the weather warms up, it be­comes all the more im­por­tant to take care of our pets and be mind­ful of other an­i­mals who may wan­der into our back­yards.

With warn­ings from the Coun­try Fire Author­ity al­ready in­form­ing us that this may be a scorch­ing sum­mer, it is nec­es­sary for us to take pre­cau­tions with our pets and en­sure they are com­fort­able dur­ing hot days.

This may mean mak­ing corn ice blocks for your chick­ens or let­ting your dog or cat inside when the mer­cury soars. Hu­mans are lucky be­cause they can remove clothes, but un­for­tu­nately our furry friends can­not take off their coats.

Other im­por­tant crea­tures to be mind­ful of this time of year in­clude snakes and kan­ga­roos, which have been spot­ted in built-up ar­eas.

For many peo­ple, snakes are of­ten viewed with ter­ror, but it is im­por­tant to re­mem­ber that it is il­le­gal to kill snakes as they are pro­tected un­der en­vi­ron­men­tal leg­is­la­tion.

Snakes of­ten do not want to be around peo­ple or their pets, so if you see one, make sure your an­i­mals are safe and then phone a li­censed snake han­dler to come and col­lect it.

Do not try to col­lect the snake your­self or you could get bit­ten and, in the worst pos­si­ble case, die.

In the case of kan­ga­roos, it is im­por­tant to re­mem­ber that some­times they come closer to town be­cause they are seek­ing wa­ter or food or have just got­ten lost.

Un­like Skippy the Bush Kan­ga­roo, real kan­ga­roos are not al­ways friendly and as there is no con­crete ev­i­dence to sug­gest they go on ad­ven­tures with peo­ple, we must ex­er­cise cau­tion when near them.

If you hap­pen to see a kan­ga­roo near a built-up area, its a wise step to re­port its pres­ence to the police or Be­nalla Ru­ral City Coun­cil.

Re­mem­ber, an­i­mals are of­ten more afraid of us than we are of them, but if we are care­ful and un­der­stand­ing of them we need not fear in­jur­ing one an­other.

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