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With only a few weeks left of the squash com­pe­ti­tion, the lad­der is start­ing to look in­ter­est­ing.

Round 10 re­sults — Sec­tion one:

Dr Stu­art Jones Den­tist de­feated Be­nalla Bob Cat three rub­bers to one.

Stu­art Jones de­feated Wally Pas­tuszka 3-2, Ger­ard Vitti lost to Rob Firmer 1-4, Paul O’Brien de­feated An­dre Vitti 3-1, An­drew Ham (fill-in) de­feated Henry Pas­tuszka 3-0.

HP Ex­ca­va­tions de­feated Caslek Com­put­ing and Cabling 2 rub­bers all, 9 games to 7.

Dy­lan Pas­tuszka de­feated Greg Mur­phy 3-1, Barry Ed­g­ley lost to Shane Richard­son 1-3, Josh Mc Nair (fill-in) lost to Mark Grif­fiths 1-3, Richard Bull de­feated Gerry Mar­gat fill in 3-0. Sec­tion two: GV Hy­draulink de­feated Smith Dosser Ac­coun­tants one rub­ber each, five games to three.

Gary Man­ning de­feated Gerry Mar­gat 3-0.

Un­for­tu­nately the match be­tween Damien Gilbert and Liam Mar­gat was a ‘no game’, and Deanne Man­ning lost to Toby Cur­rie 2-3.

Maw­sons Con­struc­tions de­feated Hol­ly­woods Pizza three rub­bers to nil.

Ray Moul­day de­feated Jo Hen­der­son 3-0, Greg Cor­nell de­feated Bart Cann 3-2, Kathy El­liott (fill-in) de­feated Libby Ha­worth 3-1.

Round nine re­sults — Sec­tion one:

Caslek Com­put­ing and Cabling de­feated Be­nalla Bob Cat two rub­bers each and nine games to seven.

Greg Mur­phy de­feated Wally Pas­tuszka 3-1, Shane Richard­son lost to Rod Firmer 1-3, Mark Grif­fiths de­feated An­dre Vitti 3-0, Treena Mc­Nair (fill-in) lost to Henry Pas­tuszka 2-3.

Dr Stu­art Jones Den­tist de­feated HP Ex­ca­va­tions three rub­bers to one.

Stu­art Jones lost to Dy­lan Pas­tuszka 0-3, Ger­ard Vitti de­feated Barry Ed­g­ley 3-0, Paul O’Brien de­feated Josh Mc Nair (fill-in) 3-0, Treena Mc­Nair de­feated Richard Bull 3-0. Sec­tion two: GV Hy­draulink de­feated Hol­ly­woods Pizza two rub­bers to one.

Gary Man­ning de­feated Jo Hen­der­son 3-0, Damien Gilbert lost to Bart Cann 1-3, Deanne Man­ning de­feated Libby Ha­worth 3-0.

Smith Dosser Ac­coun­tants de­feated Maw­sons Con­struc­tions three rub­bers to nil.

Gerry Mar­gat de­feated Ray Moul­day 3-1, Liam Mar­gat de­feated Greg Cor­nell 3-0, Toby Cur­rie de­feated Kathy El­liott 3-2.

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