Busi­ness to in­tro­duce new prod­uct

Benalla Ensign - - VICTORIAN STATE ELECTION 2018 - By Si­mon Rup­pert

A Benalla busi­ness­man is crowd­fund­ing in or­der to help launch a new won­der­ma­te­rial, which he hopes will change the world of tex­tiles.

Je­mala, a fam­ily busi­ness based out of Benalla, which spe­cialises in woollen prod­ucts, is look­ing to launch a new ma­te­rial called Warm­silk.

Jef­frey Gill, a post­doc­toral re­search sci­en­tist work­ing for the fam­ily busi­ness, is ea­ger to tell the world about this new prod­uct.

‘‘Warm­silk is a novel no­ble yarn made from a pro­pri­etary blend of ul­tra­fine wool and mul­berry silk,’’ he said.

‘‘It is the first time that wool finer than 14 mi­cron has been added to silk in such a way as to en­hance its prop­er­ties.

‘‘Nor­mal silk-wool blends are cre­ated us­ing wool whose fi­bre di­am­e­ter is roughly twice that of the silk fi­bre. They also con­tain more wool than silk.

‘‘Th­ese two fac­tors mean that the wool dom­i­nates the silk, in the way it looks, the way it feels, and the way the yarn and fab­ric be­haves.

‘‘Here at Je­mala we think of th­ese tra­di­tional blends as be­ing sim­i­lar to mix­ing hair and wire.

‘‘On the other hand, Warm­silk is cre­ated us­ing two no­ble fi­bres that are very sim­i­lar to each other.’’

Be­sides the look and feel of the ma­te­rial Warm­silk also has en­vi­ron­men­tal ben­e­fits.

For ex­am­ple wool is more en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly than cash­mere as sheep are less de­struc­tive than goats, which can turn pas­ture to desert.

It also has ben­e­fits over polyester as it does not con­tain tereph­tha­lates, which are known en­docrine dis­rup­tors.

On top of this wool does not re­quire the use of arable land, un­like cot­ton, nor does it re­quire the enor­mous in­puts of wa­ter and fer­tiliser re­quired by cot­ton.

Jeff said they had been Warm­silk for some time.

‘‘The idea came from a trip to China where our chair­man, Ian Gill, was told that women in the north of­ten com­plained that their silk scarves and shawls were not keep­ing them warm enough,’’ he said.

‘‘It was then that Ian had the thought of adding ul­tra­fine wool to the silk to cre­ate a novel blend. We have been de­vel­op­ing the con­cept ever since.’’

Je­mala has a crowd­fund­ing cam­paign running and it needs help to pro­mote its Warm­silk prod­uct by peo­ple pre-pur­chas­ing gar­ments and ac­ces­sories.

The link to the cam­paign is: www.in­diegogo.com/projects/the-won­der-of­wool-and-warm­silk-at-je­mala--2/x/19311747#/ if you would like to help out.


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