Blue jean baby Up­cy­cle old denim into a coiled pot

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For­get con­sign­ing your old denim clothes to the rag­bag – get cre­ative and re­cy­cle them into a sculp­tural work of art. You’ll start to look at your jeans in a whole new way!

HOW TO COIL A DENIM POT Gather your sup­plies

Old denim cloth­ing; scis­sors; cot­ton sash cord (or sim­i­lar); sewing ma­chine with denim nee­dle (see Maker’s tips); thread; zip­per foot; large em­broi­dery nee­dle; stranded em­broi­dery cot­ton; bin­der clips

Here’s how

STEP 1 Cut denim cloth­ing into long strips, 5-7cm wide.

STEP 2 Fold a denim strip around sash cord and ma­chine stitch as close as pos­si­ble to the cord, us­ing the zip­per foot on your ma­chine. When you add an­other strip, sim­ply over­lap at end of pre­vi­ous one. Add vari­a­tion by us­ing both sides of denim, as de­sired. Pro­ceed in this way un­til you have a good length of cov­ered cord. STEP 3 Thread em­broi­dery nee­dle with a length of stranded cot­ton (use all 6 strands) and, be­gin­ning at one end of cov­ered cord, work about 12cm blan­ket stitch (see di­a­gram, be­low right) around the cord.

STEP 4 Start coil­ing into a tight cir­cle by catch­ing 2 rows of cord to­gether with your blan­ket stitch­ing.

STEP 5 Se­cure coiled fabric with a bin­der clip, then blan­ket stitch outer coil to in­ner coil by catch­ing the ‘bar’ of the blan­ket stitch in the pre­vi­ous round as you make the next round of stitch­ing.

STEP 6 Con­tinue work­ing blan­ket stitch around the coils in this way un­til you have a flat cir­cle that is the de­sired base size for your pot.

STEP 7 To make sides of pot, coil and work blan­ket stitch in the same man­ner, but tighten coils slightly as you go so they sit on top of each other, rather than side by side. By vary­ing the tight­ness of coils, you can vary the pot shape.

STEP 8 To fin­ish top of pot, work blan­ket stitch more closely around fi­nal coil. This al­lows you to ta­per and se­cure the end of the cord so it sits flat.

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