Smile beau­ti­ful

Give your pearly whites the care they need

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or every three months, which­ever comes first.

Use a qual­ity tooth­paste that prom­ises all-round pro­tec­tion for teeth and gums. Look for a paste that pre­vents cav­i­ties and tar­tar build-up, strength­ens enamel, fights bac­te­ria, pro­tects gums, re­moves stains and plaque and fresh­ens your breath while do­ing it. We love the Col­gate To­tal range! Make a date with a den­tist at least twice a year. You can’t beat a pro­fes­sional clean­ing. As well, reg­u­lar check-ups help nip po­ten­tial prob­lems in the bud. Den­tal X-rays can pin­point trou­ble spots, small cav­i­ties can be treated be­fore they be­come more prob­lem­atic, and if whiten­ing is your goal, a den­tal pro­fes­sional can dis­cuss op­tions that will be more suc­cess­ful and last­ing than many over-the-counter choices.

Don’t smoke – it’s the sworn en­emy of a beau­ti­ful mouth.

Watch for hid­den sug­ars in food and drink. It’s not just ob­vi­ous sug­ary treats to be wary of, but also items such as crack­ers, dried fruit, chips and bis­cuits.

Go easy on the cof­fee, cola and red wine. Over time, they can cause dis­coloura­tion. Don’t let your mouth dry

out. Saliva of­fers pro­tec­tion for teeth and gums. Some meds can cause a dry mouth, so if this is a prob­lem for you, dis­cuss with your GP or den­tist. In the mean­time, chew­ing su­gar-free gum can help en­cour­age saliva pro­duc­tion and neu­tralise acids that lead to de­cay.

Soft lips with or without lippy make the best frame for great teeth.

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