NZ truckie bashed, now gang mem­ber fears for his life


THE na­tion’s driv­ers were shocked when news broke that a New Zealand truckie has been bashed by a ‘boy racer’ af­ter his car was swiped.

Not two days had passed how­ever when a fol­low up story re­vealed the ‘boy racer’ whose friends had car­ried out the at­tack had not only lost not only his job, but also his flat, and feared for his and his fam­ily’s lives.

A num­ber of read­ers be­lieved karma was at play.

Tony C: “I thought he was all tough like with his mates rip­ping doors off and vi­o­lently at­tack­ing a lone man? Guess not.

“What goes around comes around.”

Shaun C: “Has his kid and job re­ally been threat­ened?

“Or did his boss ac­tu­ally re­alise the man he had em­ployed bought his com­pany into dis­re­pute?

“It’s eas­ier to blame the big bad truck driv­ers in­stead of own­ing his mis­takes. These id­iots, not one of them has owned up to this

in­ci­dent it’s been via so­cial me­dia and the ac­tions of oth­ers. They have been caught so I don’t be­lieve a sob story blown up by the me­dia.”

Ross J: “So they show no re­spect for the road rules and take the law into their own hands and try to bash a bloke? Real he­roes boys.

“There was plenty of footage to show the po­lice to let them sort it out but you chose to get truck­ies and the pub­lic off­side with your gang men­tal­ity.”

Paul W: “Good, these peo­ple need to start and learn about con­se­quences, in this day and age ev­ery young per­son re­acts with­out think­ing about out­comes. The day they do learn I’m sorry to say it’s too late.”

Nigel R: “If it was left be­tween the two par­ties in­volved it would’ve just been deemed an ac­ci­dent both ve­hi­cles in­sured.”

TERRIFIED: The gang was filmed dur­ing the at­tack.

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