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LIFE’S cir­cum­stance forced me into writ­ing.

I had been em­ployed in ad­ver­tis­ing sales for many years.

The job was fun but all good things come to an end and my end was when the pub­li­ca­tion I worked for was sold and I was re­trenched in the mid­dle of the 2009 Black Satur­day bush­fire.

I had cov­ered the odd truck show over the years and had met then Big Rigs Ed­i­tor, Chris Smith, who liked my “style” and asked me to write for him and so I joined - in my opin­ion – the best heavy trans­port pub­li­ca­tion in Aus­tralia. Chris moved on to other pas­tures and was re­placed by the won­der­ful Carly Mor­ris­sey who has kindly let me have free rein with my fort­nightly col­umn, Life with Ker­mie.

Early on I de­cided that the col­umn would di­verge away from trans­port re­lated is­sues, as the pa­per was ob­vi­ously full of them. But what to write about?

My wife, Rita sug­gested that I should talk about the daily events that oc­curred in my own per­sonal space. “You’ve never had a prob­lem yakking. Put it down on pa­per.”

And so it has con­tin­ued for the past seven years. The Life with Ker­mie col­umns have talked about my fam­ily, friends, hol­i­days, good times and bad, hap­pi­ness and sad­ness. I hope that they have struck a chord with you, the Big Rigs reader.

There was the ar­gu­ment with Qld Toll roads who wanted me to pay them five times over. (They won)

There was the time I was go­ing for a colonoscopy and a new dunny was be­ing in­stalled at home. That was a close ‘run’ thing.

I shared my mum’s stroke and how it changed our lives.

Our boys got plenty of cov­er­age. Some of it was even good.

There have been sad events such as when my dad passed away, which co­in­cided with The Tar­cutta Memo­rial, and gave me a bet­ter in­sight into what those poor be­reaved fam­i­lies were go­ing through.

I think I must have spent at least four is­sues talk­ing about my close bond with Mur­phy whose goal in life was to stuff mine up. He even­tu­ally moved on, thank God.

Then we bought a pop-top car­a­van and dis­cov­ered a great way to hol­i­day. We even in­vented the OziwA for them which was go­ing to be on the mar­ket four years ago, and which fi­nally got there just last week.

Sur­pris­ingly, to me at least, I got a lot of pos­i­tive re­sponse to the story of our 100-year-old cy­press tree com­ing down and the amaz­ing skills of Phil and Paul.

There have been the trips to Alice and the won­der­ful truckies and their fam­i­lies whom I’ve had the plea­sure to meet there – as well as our experience of liv­ing in Sta­lag 13, a ship­ping con­tainer at a car­a­van park.

Ap­ple phones, Med­ibank, tel­cos, gas and elec­tric com­pa­nies have all re­ceived a serve.

I turned 60 and sud­denly got grumpier – although not as grumpy as I am now at 64.

I had my mail run and the best lit­tle RAV4 ever built (still go­ing strong), there was the (pre­tend) biker who ran up my clacker and was up­set about his pale blue leathers. There was the day that it was so hot that I even re­sorted to drink­ing Paul Witte’s XXXX – un­par­don­able for a Vic­to­rian.

There have been many events that I’ve shared with you. I hope you have en­joyed read­ing them as much as I have, writ­ing them for you. The friends I have made over the past seven years are sec­ond to none. I’ve met so many great peo­ple through my as­so­ci­a­tion with this pub­li­ca­tion. Larger-than-life leg­ends such as Liz Martin, Ruffy Doyle and Lizard. There’s Owen Or­ange, Sean Denny, AJ and young Dako­tah Kean, the Gra­ham broth­ers … the list is end­less. I thank you all for ac­cept­ing me into your world.

I’ve been truly priv­i­leged to be a small part of Big Rigs over its 25 years and to have met so many good, de­cent hard­work­ing folk from this great in­dus­try. I humbly take off my (straw) hat to you all.

Take care of You.

There were the new breed of ‘road ter­ror­ists’ – young fe­males who can mid­dle fin­ger sa­lute and swear bet­ter than any truckie I’ve come across!”

Life with Ker­mie the book is now avail­able.

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