TALES of mas­sive fines and min­i­mal logbook er­ror emerged this week, spark­ing out­rage in the com­mu­nity.

Most no­tably a $23,000 fine, whose case study we look into on page 3. Many read­ers have again come to ques­tion the logic and util­ity of the East Coast’s logbook sys­tem.

■ Andy S: Ab­so­lute joke. We should drive if able to, and rest when we need and want to.

Work di­aries only help them hit us for rev­enue.

Books can­not tell you if you’re tired, and the SafeT­cam net­work is tar­get­ing only heavy ve­hi­cles.

It’s just a rev­enue mak­ing sys­tem.

■ Ti­mothy M: I had a sim­i­lar is­sue at Home Hill,QLD.

I for­got to put my li­cence num­ber in, cop wrote out a fine and didn’t put his de­tails down, miss­ing a lot of info.

I wrote to the court and the po­lice with­drew the fine, only to re-is­sue it two weeks later.

■ Alan R: I was pulled up at Mary­bor­ough pads, book was checked and handed back, then I was asked where my old book was.

They checked it for 45mins un­til they found some­thing.

I was fined $300 for an en­try that in­di­cated I had driven 15 mins over time, that en­try was five months pre­vi­ous.

Can’t see whose life they saved that day.

■ Justin M: This is so typ­i­cal these days. We are truck driv­ers, sec­re­taries, math­e­ma­ti­cians. The logbook rules are set against us.

You can have 45.5 tonne in Vic­to­ria but 43.5 in NSW un­der mass man­age­ment be­cause they must use dif­fer­ent as­phalt in NSW.

The 12-hour break is a joke. You get 6/7 hours sleep then sit around for 5 hrs twid­dling thumbs feel­ing like shit, when you could have been closer to home.

■ Terry R: Fines for truck­ies are to­tally out of con­trol, hun­dreds of dol­lars fine for spell­ing some­thing wrong or adding up wrong.

If it’s a traf­fic of­fence fair enough, but to spell a town wrong or ab­bre­vi­ate (my hus­band put melb on a few pages years ago, was fined for one but told he could’ve been fined for each one), how is that a safety is­sue?

Idiots in cars can be done for low range drink driv­ing and not have a con­vic­tion recorded. None of it makes sense to me.

I’m all for keep­ing roads safe but fin­ing for log book mis­takes is not mak­ing roads safer.

■ Nigel R: I’ve helped a lot of old truck­ies un­der­stand the book and its reg­u­la­tion. It can be con­fus­ing, there’s no doubt and it can even cre­ate fa­tigue rather than pre­vent it.

It def­i­nitely cre­ates stress out of fear of mak­ing a mis­take and cop­ping a huge fine!

I’ve strug­gled to read an in­fringe­ment no­tice and also found er­rors on them, 24 years be­hind the wheel all over the coun­try in­ci­dent-free and I’m down to my last cou­ple of points so that tells me it’s about rev­enue not safety !

■ Ty­ronne B: I got pinged in Moore for $480 af­ter the task­force go­ing through my book to find a cou­ple of mis­takes.

Sergeant claimed it was in the ‘in­ter­est of road safety’.

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