A RE­CENT col­umn ti­tled “Reg­u­la­tor – Good Cop V Bad Cop?” by ATA CEO Ben Maguire re­ceived a num­ber of nods from read­ers, who agreed on a car­rot v stick ap­proach to reg­u­la­tion.

■ Bob P: If I go fish­ing in the bay, I have to keep out of the ship­ping lanes and stay away from com­mer­cial ves­sels.

If I fly my Cessna into a ma­jor air­port, I have to keep out of the way of large air­craft and stay away from com­mer­cial op­er­a­tions.

If I drive my truck into an In­ter-modal de­pot, I have to keep off the rail­way tracks and avoid ve­hi­cles with re­stricted ma­noeu­vra­bil­ity.

BUT, when I drive my B-Dou­ble on a free­way, I have to watch out for ev­ery knuckle head go­ing.

■ Brian C: Spent 40 years as­sess­ing heavy ve­hi­cle ac­ci­dents and most two or more ve­hi­cle ac­ci­dents car were at fault.

Very rarely did me­dia re­port any­thing other than truck hit car re­gard­less of fault.

■ Bren­dan S: Ben is cor­rect in re­gards to this very good ar­ti­cle.

WA, with its huge high­way net­work, cov­er­ing enor­mous dis­tance have sub­se­quently de­vel­oped the most com­mon sense ver­sion of in­dus­try com­pli­ance.

We can only hope if reg­u­la­tions be­come Na­tional, they study and adopt a good chunk of the WA model.

■ Scott B: I’ll say it again, there is a pol­icy white pa­per com­piled by now re­tired lib­eral sen­a­tor Michael Ron­ald­son ti­tled “fight­ing Aus­tralia’s over-reg­u­la­tion”.

It is not in­dus­try spe­cific but does ex­plain why over reg­u­la­tion ex­ists, gov­ern­ment con­trol and all as­so­ci­ated mak­ing their jobs ap­pear more im­por­tant and thus mak­ing them more se­cure.

ATA CEO: Ben Maguire says driv­ers are more of­ten than not with­out fault in crashes.

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