How to keep trans­mis­sion cool

An­ti­wear ad­di­tive fights sum­mer tem­per­a­tures


GARY Watts’ 18-speed Road Ranger was work­ing hard.

It was a hot day but the ‘box was run­ning a temp of 120 de­grees.

He bought a bot­tle of AW10 An­ti­wear and re­ported that in Queens­land’s sum­mer heat­wave con­di­tions, the gear­box was run­ning at 80C most of the time and only once, for a short burst, did it run up to 85C.

AW10 An­ti­wear is for­mu­lated to de­liver mas­sive in­creases in lubri­cant load car­ry­ing abil­ity, wear re­duc­tion and fric­tion re­duc­tion.

If you cut the in­ter­nal fric­tion and min­imise the heat build-up and com­po­nent stresses, things last much longer.

Con­trolled en­gi­neer­ing type tests on three dif­fer­ent oils con­firmed AW10’s abil­ity to in­crease load car­ry­ing abil­ity be­tween 46 per cent and 47 per cent, be­fore seizure oc­curred on the test rig.

The test rig’s bear­ing tem­per­a­ture was re­duced by 69C un­der sta­ble load con­di­tions.

The torque re­quired to drive the test rig was re­duced by be­tween 34 per cent and 44 per cent on tests con­ducted us­ing two en­gine oils, in­di­cat­ing re­duced ma­chine fric­tional losses and ef­fi­ciency po­ten­tial.

The long term field ex­pe­ri­ence is just as im­pres­sive.

Phil Rise­ley of Rise­ley’s Bulk Haulage op­er­ates a Detroit Series 60 pow­ered Freight­liner FLC112 that has an 18 speed Road Ranger gear­box and Ea­ton diffs.

❝no There was

“click” on fast changes and a slight en­gine rat­tle dis­ap­peared ...

Us­ing AW10 re­sulted in smoother gear shifts, es­pe­cially when cold. There was no “click” on fast changes and a slight en­gine rat­tle dis­ap­peared.

Op­er­at­ing tem­per­a­ture go­ing up the Toowoomba Range showed a 25C re­duc­tion for the gear­box, 15C cooler for front diff and a 20C re­duc­tion for the rear diff.

John Tasker’s 3.2 litre diesel, au­to­matic Pa­jero ex­pe­ri­enced a heat­ing up of the trans­mis­sion tun­nel when the ve­hi­cle was tow­ing a 1500kg car­a­van.

“At 45,000km I added a dose of AW10 at the rate of one per cent of the gear­box oil vol­ume, to the auto trans­mis­sion. The prob­lem was solved.” he said.

“I have now been us­ing AW10 in my auto trans­mis­sion for 45,000km with no prob­lems what­so­ever with no more ex­ces­sive heat and gear changes ap­pear to be smoother.

“The Pa­jero had all its oils and flu­ids changed at the 90,000 km ser­vice, with AW10 again added to the auto trans­mis­sion.”

AW10 An­ti­wear is for­mu­lated to de­liver mas­sive in­creases in lubri­cant load car­ry­ing abil­ity, wear re­duc­tion and in both fric­tion and heat re­duc­tion.

AW10 An­ti­wear is also suit­able for man­ual trans­mis­sions, fi­nal drives, hy­draulics and en­gines.

AW10 An­ti­wear boosts oil strength; has out­stand­ing cor­ro­sion con­trol; en­gines, trans­mis­sions and diffs roll smoother; is ideal for au­to­matic trans­mis­sions, power steer­ing and hy­draulic ap­pli­ca­tions; it of­fers the best pro­tec­tion for au­to­mat­ics when tow­ing; it al­lows smoother, slicker gear changes and it re­duces stress in all com­po­nents.

AW10 An­ti­wear is avail­able from Cost Ef­fec­tive Main­te­nance. To keep your trans­mis­sion cool go to www.cost­ef­fec­ or phone (07) 3376 6188.


STAY COOL: Gary Watts' hard work­ing Mack suf­fered from high trans­mis­sion tem­per­a­tures. AW10 An­ti­wear solved the prob­lem and re­duced temps.

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