Trent Ward


SUN­SHINE Coast-based Trent Ward was de­liv­er­ing fur­ni­ture and pool ta­bles to North Queens­land when I saw him at the Townsville BP Clu­den Road­house on Au­gust 3.

The 39-year-old Trent was driv­ing a Volvo FM9 for Fur­ni­ture Re­movals and Trans­port and has been a truckie for five years.

“I have to drop off some of my load here in Townsville and the rest up the high­way at Cairns,” he said.

It was the first time Trent had driven the Volvo so far north.

“I usu­ally bring up a Hino and the job is great but I do come across some dan­ger­ous car driv­ers,” he said.

Out­side work, Trent en­joys archery as a hobby at For­est Glen on the Sun­shine Coast.

His favourite road­houses are the Puma out­lets at Gin Gin and Cal­liope and the BP Clu­den.

Trent was asked which was the worst road he has to travel on and replied swiftly.

“The dirt road near Dysart in Cen­tral Queens­land is rough, bumpy and dusty,” he said.

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