Sus­pen­sion and the great de­bate

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TECH­NOL­OGY changes, but opin­ions hardly ever do when mixed with a touch of pas­sion.

That point was proven when driv­ers de­bated their sus­pen­sion pref­er­ences.

■ Ja­son V: De­pends on ap­pli­ca­tion, I wouldn’t even en­ter­tain the thought of us­ing an airbag sus­pen­sion prime mover hitched to a plat­form trailer con­nected via draw bar. Goose neck wouldn’t be as harsh. Def­i­nitely 6rod any day.

■ Luke D: Had both on the T909 one on air other on 6rod pulling triple side tip­pers air bag out lasted 6rod by a coun­try mile both trucks run­ning over same haul road same amount of mileage per day best I can get is about 9 to 12 months out of 6 rod with out do­ing a ma­jor of bushes, yet I can get all most 24 months out of air bag. On that note all trucks from now on will be air bag I save a kings ran­som in re­pairs and a spare air bag in the dog box costs lit­tle and 15 mins to change

■ Christo­pher B: Airbag vs spring, big im­pli­ca­tions with brake roller test­ing as is one of the ma­jor tech­ni­cal con­tro­ver­sies that the in­dus­try is deal­ing with the NHVR over.

As a driver for ride, al­ways loved a 6rod de­sign and even a soft spot for walk­ing beams but in to­day’s world of com­pli­ance the abil­ity to weigh ‘on board’ dig­i­tally through the air sus­pen­sion sys­tem is in­valu­able and me­chan­i­cally its a lot eas­ier and sim­pler to change an airbag than a spring pack that ex­ceeds all WHS safe work lim­its for weight.

But each to the re­quired ap­pli­ca­tion.

■ Alex N: Hav­ing worked in con­struc­tion an seen nu­mer­ous trucks work­ing with us do­ing de­liv­er­ies I can hon­estly say each job re­quires dif­fer­ent set ups... to run leafs in con­struc­tion pulling in and out of steep ramps an such can be done but trail­ers an tool boxes suf­fer... where as our fleet was all Volvos and had no dra­mas get­ting trail­ers in and out of steep grades.

■ Dale V: With heavy stuff air is fair stan­dard any­way.

But in the tow­ing game, no one should run spring but ma­jor­ity still do. In trucks that run empty ma­jor­ity of their life.

My Isuzu 600 has busted many a part from be­ing vi­o­lently thrown about the place on even ma­jor in­ner city roads at 50kmh.

Leafs need to go for MRs. They harsh as rock at best of time any­way, not to men­tion the rock hard cab mounts.

But I’m in­ter­ested in the Air­ride IFS sys­tems in Sca­nias and Volvos.

Ta­tra off road heavy trucks run full in­de­pen­dent air sys­tems with great suc­cess too.

■ Jake V: From my ex­pe­ri­ence airbags are good for high­way, leafs are bet­ter for goat tracks.

SPRING: This vet­eran Ley­land steel spring sus­pen­sion is sim­i­lar in de­sign to the old Mack Camel back.

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