Kristin Broomhall


“I STARTED the day off tak­ing white goods down to Ho­bart from Som­er­set, and now I’m on my way home with new fur­ni­ture, and look­ing for­ward to then knock­ing off!”

Kristin Broomhall from Som­er­set up­dated us on his day when we caught up with him grab­bing a hot cuppa at the Cal­tex at Ep­ping Forest.

He was driv­ing a Som­er­set Re­movals 2010 Fuso Fighter 6 Fur­ni­ture Pan­tech­ni­con at the time.

He told us that the busi­ness be­longs to his fam­ily, and he reck­ons they are a great out­fit!

“I started out with them 15½ years ago,” he told us, “and have been here ever since. I find it a great job, lots of va­ri­ety, and it has treated me well.”

With a wife and two daugh­ters at home he said that rare time off was pretty well taken up with netball and sport, spend­ing time with his fam­ily and get­ting a bit of ex­cite­ment from BMX rac­ing.

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