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Bruce Honey­will be­lieves truck photos re­flect life

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MANY pho­to­graphs are ephemeral, they il­lus­trate a story and are gone on the winds of time.

Trucks are a plea­sure to pho­to­graph, they stand big on the land­scape, they ex­ude power and they sym­bol­ise hard work.

Be­fore the com­ing of dig­i­tal photography and our ev­ery­day use of iPhones, photography was con­sid­ered some­thing of a craft.

To il­lus­trate a story in the glossy magazines you needed to know about the dif­fer­ent ef­fects of dif­fer­ent lenses, the speed and re­ac­tion to light of film.

It’s hard to be­lieve in th­ese days of self­ies and the in­stant grat­i­fi­ca­tion of look­ing at a pho­to­graph on the screen of an iPhone within sec­onds that 30 years ago us­ing Ko­dachrome meant wait­ing up to three weeks for the film to be de­vel­oped in Mel­bourne, three weeks to find if that great shot is a cover shot or rub­bish tin fod­der.

A thou­sand pho­to­graphs can be taken for one ex­cep­tional one, one that stands out on the page, one that you re­mem­ber.

It is some of th­ese that I en­joy work­ing on, tak­ing the orig­i­nal im­age be­yond its life as a pho­to­graph and at­tempt­ing to cre­ate some­thing that can live be­yond the page or the screen.

To­day there are a thou­sand ways of adapt­ing pho­to­graphs.

I use tra­di­tional paint­ing meth­ods in the dig­i­tal realm and pro­duce some­thing that comes alive on a piece of can­vas, some­thing that is tac­tile and lives in the real world.

A se­lec­tion of th­ese pieces, at­tempts to catch mo­ments, ap­pear in this is­sue of Big Rigs.

I will at­tempt to briefly tell the sto­ries that live in the can­vas of each print. Go­ing hard on VRD (cover): A Ken­worth in the old colours of Road Trains of Aus­tralia.

I was film­ing video on Vic­to­ria River Downs in the North­ern Ter­ri­tory with the RTA boys.

We loaded and were head­ing back along sta­tion roads to Top Springs.

We were at a pad­dock gate on VRD and the trucks came around a wide cor­ner and through the gate.

This pho­to­graph caught the power of the mo­ment. Dave Heads North: I drove with Dave Sauer over the years when I was work­ing for Hill­man’s Trans­port.

I trav­elled with Dave af­ter


thou­sand photos can be taken for one ex­cep­tional one, one that stands out on the page...

Dave Heads North, archival print on can­vas 40cm x 30cm.

Out of the Desert (de­tail), archival print on can­vas 40cm x 30cm.

At work: Catch­ing a mo­ment in time, a mem­ory for­ever.

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