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Talk­ing about young truck­ies


THE de­bate about the at­ti­tude of young truck driv­ers lit up the Rigs web­site.

Tommy M: Young peo­ple want to drive trucks for the wrong rea­sons. They need to learn to crawl be­fore they can walk. You want to drive trucks for the love of it. I’m only 29 but started driv­ing when I fin­ished school.

I started in re­movals as an off­sider then driv­ing rigids with pigs, dogs, then semis and b-dou­bles, b triples and road trains. I slept in sleep­ers with no air­cons and in a swag un­der the truck in the rain for poor money and it’s what I wanted to do to get ex­pe­ri­ence. Steven D: Young peo­ple with a good at­ti­tude and work ethic can get driv­ing jobs but many want to climb to the top of the lad­der straight away and get the sads on when they re­alise it isn’t that easy. Phil M: Any po­ten­tial young driver needs to spend some time in the work­shop for starters, then time in the left seat. We had the time & con­di­tions to learn by our mis­takes. Matty H: One thing peo­ple over­look all the time with heavy ve­hi­cles and get­ting ex­pe­ri­ence ..... Buses! I started in the in­dus­try in 1999 when it was still ex­tremely hard to get into with­out “Heavy ve­hi­cle” ex­pe­ri­ence.


YOUNG DRIV­ERS: It seems some want the jobs with­out the ex­pe­ri­ence.

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