Bat­tle be­tween auto and man­ual trans­mis­sion


DE­BATE about the fu­ture of trans­mis­sions heats up on­line. Peter C: I get the way the in­dus­try has evolved and for the rea­sons. Still no bet­ter mem­o­ries as a 15 year old be­ing taught by my dad how to change gears with a road­ranger. The good old days. An­gelo V: Th­ese auto trans­mis­sion are putting peo­ple be­hind the wheel that wouldn’t have got a job other wise, no won­der the job is turn­ing s**t. Bradley B: Auto shift may be al­right on the high­way but af­ter hav­ing 1 for 6 months haul­ing logs in steep un­du­lat­ing off road ter­rain they are ab­so­lutely use­less. For what we do ya can’t beat a stick shift David D: Af­ter driv­ing an auto for 12 months I say they can bang it, I’m find­ing it hard stay awake with an auto makes driv­ing so bor­ing and I’m do­ing lo­cal I’d refuse to drive an auto on the high­way. Christo­pher B: From a fleet point of view its been proven through the telem­at­ics that as the per­cent­age of time a driver spends in man­ual mode in­creases so does fuel con­sump­tion in­crease and av­er­age speed de­creases against driv­ers who spend a high amount of time in auto. But hey, it’s more pro­fes­sional to rev the crap out of the mo­tor and get­ting RSI of the thumb by press­ing a but­ton all day.

Trans­mis­sions may dis­ap­pear from the driver’s en­vi­ron­ment.

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