Driv­ers unim­pressed by main roads dirty work


DRIV­ERS who fre­quent WA were dis­ap­pointed to hear a num­ber of bins at rest ar­eas had been moved in a bu­reau­cratic bid to clean up the road side. Ste­lios P: Need to get rid of rub­bish, let’s re­move the one thing peo­ple use to put rub­bish in to re­duce rub­bish.

Ge­nius, won­der how many years in uni, and how many tens of thou­sands of dol­lars in the de­part­ment it took for some­one to come up with that bril­liant idea. Rus­sell G: If they put a de­cent lid on them & empty them more of­ten they won’t be over filed. Greg H: Re­verse psy­chol­ogy, if the bins gave 10c for ev­ery piece of rub­bish there’d be no rub­bish and still be cheaper than pay­ing for rub­bish clean ups. Ta­batha T: Carry rub­bish to the next town, or toss on the road side some­one else’s is­sue.

WHAT A WASTE: Truck­ies are dis­ap­pointed at waste re­moval.

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