Driv­ing a full cargo of style

Iveco’s Euro­cargo of­fer­ing meets Euro VI emis­sions

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IVECO is mak­ing a splash across the na­tion thanks to the 2017 launch of the Euro­cargo Euro VI line of medium-weight trucks, with a fo­cus on ur­ban and short-haul dis­tri­bu­tion.

There is no doubt that the Euro­cargo mod­els bring a sense of style to this mar­ket seg­ment, and the feed­back from Europe – where they have been avail­able for a year or two – has been mostly pos­i­tive, with the truck win­ning pres­ti­gious in­dus­try awards.

But that is Europe. This lit­tle truck still has to carve a name for it­self in the Aus­tralian mar­ket where, as writ­ten in Big Rigs ear­lier this year, the Euro­pean over­laps the mar­ket area of Iveco’s lit­tle Aussie bat­tler, the ACCO.

Clean and green, a city dweller, safe and stylish seem to be the sub­text dif­fer­en­ti­a­tions be­tween the ACCO and the Euro­cargo, even though Iveco has in­vested large amounts of moolah bring­ing the ACCO into 21st century mar­ket ex­pec­ta­tions.

I climbed into the Euro­cargo ML180 at the Iveco deal­er­ship at Rock­lea in Brisbane.

This is a stylish truck, there is no doubt about that, and ev­ery­thing is pretty much where it’s sup­posed to be as far as driv­ing com­fort goes – ad­justable steer­ing wheel, most con­trols within fin­ger-reach on steer­ing col­umn wands, hand­brake be­side the driver, fully ad­justable and very com­fort­able seat.

The nine-speed ZF trans­mis­sion comes stan­dard with the Euro­cargo. An Al­li­son S3000 five-speed au­to­matic box is avail­able as an op­tion.

The man­ual trans­mis­sion is a dou­ble H pat­tern with a range change.

Re­verse and bog cog are achieved through a gate to the left of the H pat­tern, a col­lar must be pulled to en­gage th­ese ra­tios.

The pow­er­plant is Iveco’s Tec­tor 7, a 6.7 litre six­cylin­der en­gine with high­pres­sure com­mon rail elec­tronic in­jec­tion.

The en­gine is tur­bocharged and in­ter-cooled,

There is a feel­ing of a big truck sit­ting in the cabin with its high roof, a sleeper con­fig­u­ra­tion big enough to stretch out while wait­ing for a load...

24 valves of­fer­ing max­i­mum ef­fi­ciency from the fourstroke diesel.

Max­i­mum out­put is 280 hp or 206 kW peak­ing at 2500rpm.

There is 1000 Nm of torque. This may not sound like huge torque com­pared to big­ger pow­er­plants but I found that there was a sur­pris­ing amount of hang-in-there on pulls.

Part of the new deal with the Euro­cargo launch is that the en­gine meets Euro VI standards which it man­ages us­ing a Se­lec­tive Cat­alytic Re­duc­tion emis­sions sys­tem.

Laden with con­crete blocks, the Euro­cargo topped the scales at just un­der 14 tonne all up, a lit­tle short of the 18 ton GVM but prob­a­bly a rea­son­able work­ing load for the type of dis­tri­bu­tion work this truck would end up do­ing in the real world.

There is a feel­ing of a big truck sit­ting in the cabin with its high roof, a sleeper con­fig­u­ra­tion big enough to stretch out while wait­ing for a load, a translu­cent sun­roof way up in the bel­fry.

Yes it is a big, com­fort­able cab and you do feel like you’re sit­ting in a real truck as op­posed to some of the ‘utish’ feel­ings one might get in other ve­hi­cles in this weight range.

I may not be a big fan of syn­chro trans­mis­sions, but the dou­ble H pat­tern on this truck is very easy to come to terms with and as I men­tioned be­fore, with the torque hang-on, the gear shifts can be kept to a min­i­mum.

We drove west from Rock­lea out through Black­soil, swung north onto the Brisbane Val­ley Hwy and drove out to Esk for a cof­fee.

As you would ex­pect, the truck com­fort­ably held road speeds, the 100 kmh road speed lim­iter hold­ing the speed rea­son­ably well with­out any great jerks along the way.

It will be up to the Iveco sales de­part­ment to find a price mark that makes this truck at­trac­tive to an op­er­a­tor, so vo­ca­tion prov­ing can be done and the Euro­cargo can stake a claim in the Aus­tralian land­scape.


NOT A BAD RIDE: The Euro­cargo E6 is eco-green and city ready ac­cord­ing to the hype and in prac­tice the truck stands up.

The 250hp and nine-speed range-change makes it ver­sa­tile.

Ac­cess to check vi­tals is easy, with no con­tor­tions needed.

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