Safely turn­ing night into day


NIGHT vi­sion is life vi­sion. If you can’t see that mar­su­pial it’s quite likely you will turn him into lasagne at a high cost to your body parts... well those of your ve­hi­cle.

In the big trucks they come out of the night like an as­ter­oid storm in a Star Trek movie – you hear the boom-thud and you hate it, but you are not about to pull up 130 tonnes of mass for ev­ery roo, not in this day and age at least.

In a light ve­hi­cle, pro­tec­tion is not as built-in as with a big truck. The best pro­tec­tion from night roo strike is three-part: re­duced speed, a solid pro­tec­tion bar and good lights.

Turn the night into day and you have a chance of that ma­rauder trav­el­ling at speed from out in the night.

An op­por­tu­nity to road test a set of LED driv­ing lights came re­cently – a dou­ble set of Narva 215s – with a bit of help from Mick Tighe Me­chan­i­cal, the Iron­man dealer in Toowoomba.

Yeah, they look good, the real thing, with a se­lec­tion of coloured col­lars to change the trim to match the pedan­tic driver’s idea of colour co-or­di­na­tion.

It was af­ter dark on a cold win­ter’s night in Toowoomba when I picked up the lit­tle wagon from Mick Tighe’s and Daniel flicked the lights on and night turned into day.

You feel al­most guilty about turn­ing this power on in an ur­ban en­vi­ron­ment even when the lights were pointed at noth­ing other than a wall. Time to take them for a spin.

The lights have a 12/24 dual volt­age and re­versed po­lar­ity pro­tec­tion.

Each driv­ing is made up of 33 five Watt XP-G2 LEDs which means that a four-light ar­ray on a truck’s bull bar would have 132 in­di­vid­ual LED lights light­ing up the world ahead.

The poly­car­bon­ate lens is beefed up for stone pro­tec­tion. The mount­ing brack­ets are solid on the bull bar and hand ad­just­ment of the lights is pos­si­ble with the fin­ger­tip knurls on the hous­ing.

On the road th­ese lights are as ex­pected. Quick to ad­just, the bril­liant white light gives great vis­i­bil­ity, with the 10,500 lu­mens out­put for each of the lights and a mea­sured one-lux light dis­tri­bu­tion at 900m.

It’s al­most light enough to read your Big Rigs a kilo­me­tre down the road.

❝ It’s quite likely you will turn him into lasagna at a high cost to your body parts... well those of your ve­hi­cle...


LEFT: The Narva 215s look good with the Mick Tighe Me­chan­i­cal fit­ting and work well.

LIGHT IT UP: The broad white light of the Narva 215 driv­ing lights.

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